Modern Day Outlaw are carving their own niche in the hard rock and metal genre. Flowering stories and expressive tales are woven through lands we might never visit. Yet, they draw us in for the pure thrill of the climax and outcome. This single is from their album Through the Gates of Hell. This one is called Eulogy.

From this band, there are constant surprises. This single is an emotional outlook, with a wonderful cascade of tones. Though the other singles in the album are hard rock swingers, this track draws back the curtain. It is like an in memoriam piece, and unravels slowly. It sounds like the metal of Mastodon, when they decide to take it slow. The blues have touched this song definitely, and you can feel the harmonies coming together beautifully. It really shows how Modern Day Outlaw create their music, deliberate and stylistically, rephrasing everything for a song that is honest and emotive. Though there are images that draw back to older times in other songs, this band keeps it relevant and brings up events and emotions of here and now. This is what makes this project so uniquely incisive and detail-oriented. 

You can listen to Modern Day Outlaw with their EP, and also enjoy their 2017 EP Reved Up! Their sound has really evolved since their first catalogue cornerstone, and is only going to grow from there. Follow them and listen to their music here: