Monroe Moon’s music has a pronounced artistic pulse. As an experimental indie rock band, the duo infuse music building with intricate facets like mood, aesthetic, visuals, and chroma. It’s an atmosphere of thought, emotion, and storytelling that immerses the listener. If it’s not the cerebral arcs, or the poetic moments, then it is the novelty, the abstract exploration, and hypnotic mysteries that will get you hooked. Their latest release is ‘Tourmaline’ forms on the brink of indie, melodic, and post rock. It is a dazing adventure blazing like a cold fire. The fuzzy riffs, ethereal vocal quality, and distorting basslines project a surreal landscape. It rises and falls, like a breathing giant, with love, melancholy, sensuality, and strangeness.

iTunes Artwork for 'Tourmaline (Single) (by Monroe Moon)'

In this whirl, you can experience the mystical properties of Tourmaline. Bunny Monroe’s vocals become an insightful vehicle to travel through Theo Malkin’s instrumental brilliance. Her evocation reveals the underbelly of the scene to casually give you bursts of insight. Her liberating spirit triggers the transformative potential of the soundscape. And it all culminates in a grand indie rock display that is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, REM, and The Talking Heads. Listen Now!

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