MOP Head is a versatile artist who was born and raised in Alpharetta Georgia and is known for his ecstatic musical innovations. His genre-bending tracks that blur the lines between genres are what makes this artist stand out from the crowd. He explored his love for music when he was a kid through his elder sister who in produced him to several bands that ignited the spark in him. He set out on his musical journey at the tender age of 17 when he started making his first track and fell in love with music and hasn’t stopped ever since. His deep musical skills and innovative approach are surely remarkable. Do give this artist a go, you will fall In love with his music right off the bat.

I recently came across this amazing artist through his latest release which is an EP of five tracks. The EP is surely a masterpiece. This is an EP that will make you groove for sure. The first track is Sign Of Love which is the intro of the EP. The track starts off with mellow guitars that create the whole vibe of the track and the EP. The way this artist spins such deep emotions into the track leaves me spellbound. This is surely one of the best intros I’ve come across this year.

The second track on the EP is named 4 Better. This is the track that got me hooked on this artist. The track has some intricate melodies blended with syncopated drums that are impactful and tasteful. This is my personal favorite track from the EP. 4 Better is surely going up on my personal lists where it will surely be played at least twice a day. Do give it a spin and trust me you will fall in love with the flow of the track.

The next track on the EP is In a Day which is a great track and would have been one of the best tracks on his discography if the volume was fine. The track has some issues with the volume. I wish the artist releases a remaster of this track as I really like the vibe of this one but the volume problem kills it.

The fourth track on the EP is Should I Try which is a great track with some great elements and melodies that are immersive. The guitar riffs are deep and structured with beauty. The level of this track is surely way too high. This artist has set the bar so high for me that impressing me will surely be hard for a long long time now.

The last track on the EP is Led To Light which brings down the curve in a subtle way. This is a track that will resonate with the masses for sure. This will surely become the anthem of the youth. I just can’t wait to see how this track breaks several charts.

Do give this EP a go if you like to listen to alternative rock tracks fused with a hint of hip-hop. Catch a little glimpse of the EP by MOP Head here-