Motihari Brigade reinforces the constructs of freedom of thought and liberation of self through revolutionary rock n roll. In their latest album, Algorithm & Blues, they unravel the societal fabric, exploring how it distorts and disintegrates the facets of individualistic autonomy. Taken from this collection is the track, Reality Show. The reggae/funk infused soul rock track is very enjoyable and reminiscent of rebellious precursors like Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, among others. Listen Now! 

The track has a pronounced retro vibe and energy to it. Its soundscape springs with reggae upbeats and guitar staccatos, setting a soul-funk stage. Which is brought to life by the melodic baritones of the vocalist. Simple and straightforward, like the lyricism, the vocal display balances out the complexity of the instrumentation. Weaving in some jazz and blues, the song makes itself a classic success. Trumpets and accordions bring grand histrionics in a way that drives the theme of the track, giving away the layers of disillusion underneath.

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You can listen to Reality Show from the ‘Algorithm & Blues’ Album by Motihari Brigade here –