Napier Days is the musical moniker of a Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and artist, Martin Kuehnert. His style and presentation arch across genres to create viscerally cerebral soundscapes that tip toward surrealism. In his new alt-rock single, Blackout, Napier Days explores the dark folds of the psyche to manifest haunting swirls of euphonies.

The track is a tepid slow burn, its mysteries unfolding dramatically with an ominous grace. It is astounding to see how the artist builds the canvas, with vapory textures. Vanishing melodies leave deep-rooted emotive trails that the smoky vocals maximize. Drops of synths are joined by eloquent guitar and piano acoustics to form a holy grail of mystical alt-rock. And the times when you’re shrouded in darkness with your thoughts swallowing your sanity, you would want this soothing and empathetic track to comfort you.

The sound of Napier Days markedly stands out. After having performed with Berlin bands like Delayed, Crushed Ice, and Non-fiction Empire, the artist garnered an audience for his unique and outlying style. He embarked on his solo musical project in 2021 with the release of two singles on Soundcloud. His virtuosic talent blossoms out of high-impact minimalistic bleeds. He also simultaneously plays in the hard-rock and alt-rock band, “Monkeys for Government”.

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