Neil Taylor is a musician you’ve heard if you’re a real music nerd. With the rousing solo on Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears-he’s set a benchmark for excellence. That was just the beginning of his music career. Since then, he’s released several songs as an indie recording artist. This is his 2019 single, We All Hurt Inside.

Remnant of the time, this song brings all the great things from the 80s rock wave. From Roxy Music to Mike and the Mechanics, Neil Taylor knows how to float through a barrage of tones and yet carries his own. It is a simple track with an honest message, with chugging guitars for the chorus and a soulful harmony section. Such defining moments are common in Neil Taylor and his music-such as his solo with the choicest notes and intensity of execution. There is a scale jump that might warrant a goosebump blanket. This is what the stars are made of, just the most melodious music with a simple approach.

This track featured in his 2019 album, a mixture of fell good rock and his own flavour of roll. Come out of the Silence went unappreciated largely, though it had some kicker tracks. His most popular album still remains No God Like Rock n Roll. From the spine of one of the most defining tracks of the 80s to his own successful career in the industry, Neil Taylor seems to have conquered it all. Some people should really rule the world.

Listen to his track below: