Nervous City rock out, but cautiously. This is a band that puts in incredible thought in their melodies, and it really shows. Though FANGS has its fair share of beautiful music, we have struck treasure with the song we’re going to listen to today. This is the seconds on their album, Fool’s Gold

The way they approach their singles is truly mesmerizing. You are first introduced to the instrumental melody, which they eventually complement with their choir like heavenly voices. It is a strange mastery, something that indie bands don’t really focus on many times and instead flood the background with synth sounds. The picking detail, little riff moments of the guitar and catchy snippets make the minute seem like a definitive moment. You can follow the chord progression, sing along, and for once not feel like you’ll not be able to get to the high notes. This is relatable, attainable sing-along music that feels like hidden treasure from the late 70s. Nervous City are at their compositional best, FANGS has some incredible songs that are leaps ahead in production, sound and style. Some underrated gems are End of Us and What Do You See, for me personally. All that glitters, sometimes, is gold. 

You can catch more of Nervous City with this very special debut album. This is clearly just the beginning, but there is a lot of sophisticated performing that promises more. Listen to their single here and follow them for more!: