Never The Crash is a 4-piece original alternative metal band hailing from Flint, MI breaking into the scene. This is a band that will surely make you feel the energy that the band aims to induce. They are known for their innovative use of their unique musicality. Their intricate musical structures are bound to astound the audience and captivate their hearts. This is surely a band to be explored as they are truly amazing and put out some innovative tracks every single time.

I recently came across this band through their latest release which is named Pop Jesus. The track is surely packed with some explosive energy that creates an everlasting vibe. I was very impressed by this band’s unique sound and melodic sense. The track starts off with a heavy guitar riff and slowly progresses into the vocals that are distinctive and unique. The heavy guitars are complemented by the drums so well that I might just break my neck banging my head! The track is something that will take you on a rollercoaster journey. Do give this amazing piece a go and trust me, you will surely love it!

Overall the track is an ecstatic one that features some profound guitar tabs blended with immersive drums and vocals that are heavy and soothing at the same time. I really enjoy myself when I listen to some unique sounds. If you are one of those as well, Pop Jesus might be a perfect match for you! You can take a little glimpse of the track by Never The Crash down here-