Nik Nova is an artist who is known for his deep musicality that he experiments with to create a sound that solely belongs to him. His discography is a vivid display of his skills through an album and three singles. He made his debut in 2021 with a single and has recently released an album of 10 tracks which is named At the Crossroads.  His album is surely something out of this world with a fusion of folk, rock, grunge, and dark Americana. His musical sense and the way he carries his tracks are bound to blow your minds away.

In the album At the Crossroads by Nik Nova, there was one particular track that fascinated me more than others and got me grooving. The track is named Weightless and it is the third track of the album. This is surely a track that deserves all the love and appreciation in the world. The song is packed with some amazing musical elements and vocals that will take you to a higher plane. The lyrics are written with beauty and the way the vocals are executed makes me lose my mind. This is one of those tracks that will get you swaying with the intricate music. The track has some ecstatic electric guitars that weave the whole vibe of the track and is something really amazing. The drums complement the vocals and the guitar with the same energy making this track one of his best works yet. This is surely a  highly recommended track. Do give it a go and trust me you will fall in love with the amazing artist’s musical sense.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track Weightless here-