NinémiA is an international band known for its intricate music that digs deep into musicality, structure, and lyricism. This band will surely blow your minds away with their metal sound that can shake the ground. NinémiA is a four-piece band made up of Christos who plays the bass, he is also the composer, lyricist, and producer. Artur Hearhadze (NDNP band) from Belorussia, now in Poland plays the guitar, Mikolaj Krzaczek (Thamnos Project) from Poland handles the vocals, and Dirk Verbeuren from Belgium now in L.A. plays the drums for the band.

Among the band’s vast discography, one particular track caught my special attention, named Dr. Oppenheimer, which is one of the best tracks I’ve come across in a while. The band starts off the track with some heavy guitars and proceeds to drums which kick in with a huge impact. The ecstatic interplay of guitars, drums, and bass will surely blow your mind away. The vocals are deep and perfectly complement the vibe of the track. The way this track was carried had me banging my head throughout the track. The growls add a field of depth to the track and are executed really well. The riffs are ecstatic and something to die for. I can only imagine what kind of chaos this track is going to create when it is played live!

Do give this track a go if you’re into heavy metal that is full of energy. Catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Dr. Oppenheimer’ down here-