Nothing but a Nightmare might be an oxymoron pertaining to what they do. With zealous rock songs that shatter through the conforms of mediocrity, this band might be responsible for your party groove or road trip treat. This is their latest album, The Salvation.

You either go really hard, or sit back and drink a White Claw. There is no moment of respite when Nothing but a Nightmare get together. With electric chemistry, this band kicks it straight to 4th gear when they start. The album begins with Baggage Claim, a real kicker in terms of composition and feel. There’s an undeniable aggression that creates a quality niche for this band. There are no signs of slowing down, they’ve just got started, and their fans are angsty for more. This is an itch that they scratch every time, the rebirth of an alt-rock sound that many presumed dead.

Their 2020 album Kleptomania has some serious gems in it, including their widely streamed track Problems Being Cool. They are the aggrandizing ailment for these pop acts, bursting through with their unhinged energy. Their latest album is another great one, compiled with meaningful and overdrive paced songs that build and keep up the ardour for the whole album. Listen to the songs here: