Expect the unexpected from Norwegian bands. With the amount of music that flows out of the country, there has to be innovation, bands have to be on their toes. One and a half dog create the kind of atmosphere required for a flourishing rock band with Catch 22-1.Edition.

The tones used match what Soen have created in their debut album. The guitar hollows out the silence with its simple, yet precise carvings. Rhythms are existing within the flow of the guitar, as the drum has a soft backbeat. The kick is an essential instrumental section that shows how these guys can layer these aggressive layers with sensitive undertones. The title, after Joseph Heller’s bestselling novel, shows the duality and deadlock that a Catch 22 creates. This confused and deluded state of mind is shown in not only the lyrics, but the instrumentals, taking meditative breaks that would be a protagonist lost in thought.

Their track Fire in the Hole has created new, exciting expectations for them. With Battlefield, they created what would be known as the textural playground of One and a half dog. They have only improved since then, making choruses and verse sections that aren’t commonly heard or even conceived of. Listen to their brilliant track to see what their magic fingers can do: