Onism E began repairing a broken world. Their music is meant to heal and cherish, the best parts of humanity. Catching attention during the pandemic, their album Survivors had some of the best indie rock compositions of the year. Some say, we have passed that phase of struggle. This group says It’s Not Over.

With breathtaking, soaring guitar parts carefully interlaced with strong, passionate vocals, it is no surprise this band has grown to be listeners’ pick. The tone is never aggressive, it flows in like a rivulet and sustains. The reverberation for the instruments is perfect, it is an echo that reminds, but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Their latest song is a step forward in how their instrument tones send messages, gelling well with the stylistic vocals provided by frontwoman Eline Chavez. The band realizes this very fruit of focus, trying to wrap the sonic cocoon around to create a sound that cannot be replicated. It’s these kinds of elusive tones of music that are forever cherished, and their will to make every song unique is a testament to their creativity.

They continue to surprise, though they have cured the cement on the kind of overall tonality and vibe they are addicted to. They have quite a lot of streams on Spotify for their brilliant pandemic album. Creativity spawns artistic gems with a band like this. Onism E might go on to become one of your favourite indie rock bands in quite a long time. Listen to their single here: