Order of Owls don’t want to put up anything mediocre as their work. There is an immense amount of detail work that goes into their songs, and they will not be forgotten. Their songs buzz with the neon brilliance of a new light, and their latest song has all this wrapped within. This is their latest release, Speak Up.

To approach alt-rock like Order of Owls is exciting. This is almost bordering on metal, but is something anyone can and will sing along to. The lyrics inspire, ask you to claim your right and stand your ground. Speak Up is a reflection of a lot of tonal work this band has done. The rhythms are wavering with a furnace like intensity, while the chorus is teased before actually approaching it. You can hear the nuance in the music, given the fact that all the band members have had extensive touring experience with juggernauts.

It is a thrilling ride, and this song comes in as their second release after Freedom(ination). With each song, they’re trying to float a brick of dynamite into the zeitgeist to relook at what we’re listening to. Compositions are sublime, they take no time to sink in and become a regular favourite. Order of Owls are wise, and they are here to shift the tectonic state of melodies with their music.

You can check out their debut and realise how different they are from other projects. There is an immense amount of thought and work going into this, yet the hush energy of a band that loves to live record. Listen to their single here and follow them for more!: