The Manchester-based music collective is back with a spectacular album of new sonic interpretations titled Dream House. Their brand of psychedelic shoegaze inspired pop and rock makes a really big mark with this release, as they array an impressive line-up of orchestral ballads, dreamscapes, anthemic grunge, and nocturnal blues. Taken from this collection is, Overlooked, Overseen; a track that engulfs you in the essence of Outside Now. With magnificent synth plays crafted into bleeding blues, funk grooves, and soulful vocals, the track has a magnetic resonance. Listen Now! 

Overlooked, Overseen sparkles with the gray loneliness and haunting pain of the theme. It is spectacular how the artists showcase emptiness with such a rich canvas. Loose machinations of riffs lead the shifting soundscape before getting lost in a collage of synth spreads, bluesy keys, effervescing vocals, and its ancillary dimensions. Listeners of Tame Impala are sure to enjoy the imaginative sonic projections of this band. 

The five-piece band collaborates with diverse artists from across the globe to foster a genre-bending and new-age sonic consciousness. This album unleashes the expanse of their vision and alongside the layered intricacies of it. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Overlooked, Overseen from the Dream House Album by “Outside Now” here –