Overlap are looking to make a splash. They are a rock band from Quebec City, Canada. From post punk, to punk and alt-rock, they have a unique sound that seems to bounce from genre to genre like a charged crazy ball. This is their debut track, Flight 608.

With clean guitar tones and a dynamic, lively and shifting rhythm section, these guys take control. It is about the flight mentioned in the title track, their tale filled with twists and turns. They have a sound from the 90s alt-rock scene, especially like 3 Doors Down and maybe even Chris Cornell’s solo work. The essence of the rhythm section is full of surprises. It brings together a sound and lyrical probability to form this rock track that has a beautiful swing to it, and an enthralling tale. Their only song is already debuting on a rock playlist on Spotify. That’s how good they sound.  The tale told is, with some inspiring twists and turns, and some exceptional instrumental work.

This defined sound might alter. Overlap are new, they might have many tricks under their belt. For the song they released, they assume the form of some good alt-rock recipe. This could change, based on what they have planned for their new fans. As of now, enjoy their single released here: