Packetloss is an alt-rock band who shape the contours of modernity with their music. Starting from the way they were formed and founded, nothing about them is conventional. The trio were united during Covid, over the internet and began writing and playing songs together. Packetloss has just come out with their debut EP, titled Disconnected Vol #1. These four tracks are a third of the thirteen songs that they have recorded. Every song sets out the atmosphere of their craft, colored by their camaraderie, spirit, passion to play, and a whole lot of fun.

iTunes Artwork for 'Disconnected (Vol #1) - EP (by Packetloss)'

The EP is also a narrative on how we’re all disconnected with each other as a community. Spelling out the disharmonies of the internet, social media, and the culture that is born out of it, the title track is a celebration of everything that opposes it. With a relentless beat line, grand distortions and powerful riffs, it’s an energetic and rejoicing performance. Along with the other tracks, ‘Shards’, ‘Unrelaxed’ and ‘Break The Chains’, the band boast a range of styles from hard rock, melodic punk, and soft rock, touched by a little bit of grunge and blues rock. Listen Now!

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