Patient Lounge know how to spike the ball hard after touchdown. Spiced on adrenaline and riveting melody making, this group knows the Midas touch comes from respecting the form. They have made several detonative singles, and their latest one is already the top streamed one. For good reason. This is Hard Truth.

Like gunpowder from a cannon, the track enters the fore with arpeggios and full chords that ring out for the main hook. The vocals are crystal clear and delivered like warm water and brandy-smooth and palatable. The chorus crashes like we would expect a hard rock track like this to resonate- making this the flavourful mix that it is. If you expected the second verse to play mime to the first, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. A whole new dish is laid out in front of you, clean, striking arpeggios alternating the sound to create an interesting disposition.

Revisit the chorus in after this experience, and it hits a whole lot harder. I guess that is the hard truth. Knowing full well that there is an easy way to construct this song, Patient Lounge double down on their prerogative to deliver an honest-to-god love affair between rock and them. There is a mixture of so many layers and technical mastery here-ridiculous how catchy the track becomes as well.

Watch a force of nature come alive with a reckoning the size of judgement day with their new single. Other tasty tracks from them include All You Want and BEGDA, but I implore you to visit the headbanging headquarters with an open mind. There is no room for disappointment.