Trembling with an Australian rock honesty, the Gold Coast/Kingscliff-based rock musician and artist, prchr (pronounced Percher) has released his debut EP, Only Child opening with What You Think. The track was released as a teaser to the EP a couple of months before the official EP release. Only Child contains five explosive blends of rock music that explore the resounding depths of grunge, garage, blues, psychedelic, and alternative rock styles.

The artist’s compositions delve into the dark psyche of the mind to emerge with top-notch and intense riff narratives that drive toward salvation. Exploring topics such as rejection, denial, betrayal, defiance, and loneliness, the songs are partial autobiographical expositions of the artist.

Right off the bat, the dirty riffs and beats create a grunge depth that folds into the dark vocal folds of the artist. The fuzzy texture of the guitar creates hazy, psychedelic chaos that blows through the mind. It is interesting to see how the artist uses syncopated frames to drive up the intensity of the song. The blue falsetto arcs in the chorus are like cool breezes, blowing with the vibrant riff wind. A rapturous climb leads us to the pinnacle of rockdom where the artist majestically hoists the furling flag.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to What You Think by prchr. here