The melodic rock band Pressure is from Stockholm, Sweden. You can always count on uplifting, flawlessly performed vocals from Olof Jönsson. Together with a compelling and never boring dual guitar sound from lead guitarist and composer Simon “Siirpo” Forsell. Olli Violet’s joining the group in the summer of 2021 has proven to be a valuable addition. Olli Violet from the Republic of Belarus has a gorgeous, enchanting, captivating, and metal voice, which is a blessing for the band. Their art frequently emphasizes and reflects the pressures experienced in daily life. Their lyrics serve as an example of how every narrative has both a good and a terrible side.

I recently discovered this amazing band through their latest track which is named ‘All The Things’ which is one of the best rock tracks that I have come across this year. The track is one of those tracks that will fill you up with immeasurable energy. The track sounds like a perfect collision of melodicity and a massive energy ball. The vocals are full of emotions that will induce a jolt of the pump through your veins that are beautifully complimented by the guitars. The drums are well arranged and played so well that you will be air drumming throughout the track! This will surely go into my personal playlist and stay there like forever!

All-in-all, All The Things is an amazing track full of life and energy. Do give it a go if Rock is your cup of tea! You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘All The Things’ by pressure down here-