Minneapolis-based alternative/indie rock band, Pullstring has released yet another single, The Only Thing, from their unique repertoire of lo-fi rock that will have you vibing to its mellow tunes instantly.

The song swells with the warmth of a winter fire, with fuzzy riffs accentuating the soundscape with fresh melodies. Mellow vocals roam melancholically in the compelling walls of guitar riffs. With the passion of prayer, the vocals desperately reiterate the reality of the protagonist.

While the vocals are wraps us up in a delicious emotional haze, the melodies have a splashing demeanor; vibrant and verbose. The varied streams of guitar develop into matchless degrees of expressiveness. Carrying the soul of the song, the periodic molten solos that we are treated to are out of the world. The mellifluous grooves distill the ambiance of the soul.

The band released their debut single, Sunday Afternoon, and their debut EP, Greatest Threads EP only earlier this year in April 2022. They rose from unfamiliarity when they began touring internationally with an alternative rock band at the Entry. The soothing indie-rock melodies have a lilting flow, drawing us into a soft state of mind.

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