Pullstring are the slight tug given to a giant unveiling. What they have is the control on rhythms, the vibe and a creative dictionary of paths to take. Their songs always excite, never disappoint, and know the core reason behind each one. This single is called When It Began.

With an indie, running swinging vibe, this track is a throwback in its traditional sense. Reliving the nostalgia of some moments, that’s how the song sounds as well. It dives into pasts, lives their moments and memories that might define a relationship. It is the strengthening of one, the measure of the distance and time it takes. Furthermore, it is a special kind of ode, to the things that make us feel truly alive. If this is the blanket of emotions and experiences this song is supposed to bring about, it does its job well. The bridges leading to the chorus have the galloping drum part that will see your neck bopping to the rhythm. There is a spine that is powerful and true, via experiences and snippets of what has been. Their songs try to echo the effect of joy in your life-living every moment as one you’d like to live in forever.

Their EP Greatest Threads creates a solid case for why they’ll be playing even after 20 years. It’s the collection of songs that mean something to them. Each track has been performed to the best of their ability, honing all their skills and attention to the feel it brings about. Pullstring have a knack for displaying their intention of the song within the first few seconds. There are no impulsive changes, the flow is maintained as a sacrosanct part of their passion for music. Listen to their single here: