The radio misses garage rock. That’s why it’s slowly losing its charm. Quizboy rewinds you back to the time when garage rock would play on the radio. Riffs, vocals and a good time with a cold brew. The miracle of it is, they’re just beginning to take us on the dusty road to hell. This is their latest single, Brave A Storm.

As the alt-rock riff bares its smarmy grin, you know you’re listening to what you want. With the quick changing chord structure, we’re in for a sound that resembles grunge but plays in the field of alt-rock as well. The vocals definitely sound like Frank Black, other than the parts where rough growls cut through the distorted guitar to form a shell shock of a rhythm section. The chorus is as good as it can get, something that is a hook, but still brings that razors edge of rock straight to your ears. You could even hear the beginning of the nu-metal which Linkin Park’s debut album leaned into. The solo is a departure from the kind of sound that dominates this song, but is perfect for the kind of vibe and flavour we have settled on.

Quizboy come around with two singles in this EP, Not Like the Others You Know. There is a certain love for a raw, analogue sound that this band has, something that has been drawn away with the digital age blanketing everything. Their 2020 album Rest In Pain is a solid, well-rounded album with some great tracks. Rock out to their single here: