Imagine the distortive intensity of garage rock led with undertones of vivid psychedelia and mild sedative tones. That’s what you get with Rare Seed’s latest single, ‘El Niño’. The band is known for fashioning eclectic and ever changing baselines; using them as excitations to craft a cerebral experience of emotion. When you listen to their music, there’s a strong sense of fluidity that indulges mundanity and spontaneity equally. And thus, perhaps is one of the few bands who are able to capture the rhythm and flow of life.

iTunes Artwork for 'El Niño - Single (by Rare Seed)'

The band emerged from the culturally rich band of blues America, i.e, New Orleans and Louisiana. Blooming with the chromatism of blues, jazz, soul, and funk music, their brand of rock is the kind that absorbs your being, replacing daily settings with colorful sonic spheres and plush visuals. Looking at this track aesthetically, you’ll probably draw parallels to bands from Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues to Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, and Tame Impala. They have that wondrous rush of lulling grooves, dazing vocals, and lightened notes. Listen Now!

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