Raygun Carver is a singer/songwriter from the Pacific NW. The artist’s rustic soundscapes are luminous, informed by country acoustics, retro blues, rock music, and soul sensibilities. This latest release, Everywhere You Go Is Where I’ll Be represents the sublime arrangements and classic style of Raygun Carver. With all the genres coalescing harmoniously in a single frame, the track allows the artist a broad range for thematic exploration. 

The track forms in layers. The primary layer is glassy acoustics laced with refined blues. This is superimposed by smoky baritones that sail over the walking bass line, leaving a trail of gloomy rock riffs and shreds. The moody tones of the track imitate a ghostly pattern, drifting formlessly with mercurial whimsy. 

Listening to the track is like tapping into a dazed frequency, that is both numbing and wakeful. The artist uses an intimate setting and melancholic exposure to romanticize the track. It presents like a portrait of intense love and devotion. The artist debuted in 2020 with album, “Moon Fields Yawning”. He followed it with his EP, Bad Thing in 2022 and is now working on a third record that is set to come out within the end of this year! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Everywhere You Go Is Where You’ll Be by Raygun Carver here –