RedanFox is a singer-songwriter and neo-classical folk groip with a flair for storytelling. The band tells wise tales with both melody and words, plunging into genres from pop, rock, jazz, blues, and folk. RedanFox has just released their debut album titled Into The Woods. The seven-track collective showcases the mystique of their craft, traveling through numerous sonic sceneries, sometimes within a single track, as they dive into the multitudes of human experience. The title track is a classic example of their versatile style and compositions. Comprising acoustics, oozing classicals, ambient builds, and folk-pop verses, it has a world music vibe.

The track opens with soft acoustic drizzle, the golden sharpness of the melody elevated by classical cellos and dancing piano details. A strident and upbeat acoustic riff lead follows, carrying the sultry vocals. Waylaid on a glamorous orchestral background of pulsing violins and synths. In the next frame, the uncommon vocal timbre is clarified by singular electro beats and subtle melody bloom. As the climax approaches, the tempo drops to effectuate a smooth ambient flow. The artists behind the art introduce themselves, speaking from behind the curtains of sonic.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Into The Woods by RedanFox here –