Rhythm Tryst is a performative rock band with an elaborate eye for detailing. Using stellar sonic orientations and dramatic rhythm structures, the band is known for their immersive journeys. This article dives into their acclaimed 2019 album, Daydream Rewind which has been described as “love songs sonic snake chambers.” Doused in hypnotic blues and psychedelic concepts, the album is an iconic treasure chest of metaphysical rhetoric. 

Pendulum opens the album with a swinging rhythm, ideal for the dancing mind. The sultry baritones roll across the zigzagging basslines, along the disembodied walls of harmonies. All of which culminates in a climatic crossroad, fleshing out the stories told by each element. With So Alive, we get flavors of 60s rock. Its haunting vocal slants carry into the bright riff-beat motifs with slight folk sensibilities. The flaming blues form a molten mosaic of irrevocable passion and profound wisdom. 

Opening on this blue note, is the next song, Fathom. It develops into a shimmering riff fabric. Its elastic basslines and crackling vocals feed from the river of percussion. The mounting machination has a mercurial build, sprayed with textures. Chinny Chin Chin has a boomeranging sonic design. There’s a sense of déjà vu as the musical frames floated, return in a sequence with a transformative intention. The vocals serve as the emotional carriage, rising and falling with high impact stories. Midway through the album, we have the title track. Its poetic lyricism thrives in the dreamy sound space. Powered by the miasma of vocals, its smoky resilience stretches the emotive spectrum of the track. Engaging Arabian motifs lead us to the outro with its mysteries filling our heads. 

Sneakers Swinging alternates between sparseness and richness. A minimal canvas of basslines, vocals, and cymbal clicks becomes a gushing sound sensation to elevate the tragedy of the stolen lover. It grows like a fever dream, with harrowing harmonies, hyperactive riffs, and urgent beats. Iris is a pastoral acoustical delight with chunky strings, earthy beats, and luminous vocals. A tighter rhythm and dots of keys comes along to drive us into a vibrant thrush. 

The penultimate track, Subway Lightning strikes us with its rock n roll charisma. Its soaring riffs rise against a backdrop of intersecting guitar lines and levitating harmonies. The country vocals sail across with a soothing melody and timbre. Thunder’s Got Me concludes the album. It is interesting to see how the band uses a dark and light melodic alchemy to construct the dangers and fears associated with the theme. 

A Rhythm Tryst ‘s Daydream Rewind album does not fail the imaginative mind. Its grand leaps and delightful interpretations revise common neural networks and illuminate the underlying complexity of the human condition. 

The album is available for streaming on all popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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