Driven by the greats, Rob Lea’s sound has a seasoned sophistication. His sound is edgy and eccentric in the best way. Powered by high energy riffs and funky grooves, he brings an iconic blend of grindy hard rock and playful blues to the table. Rob Lea has just dropped his debut EP, Stop What You’re Doing, featuring his previously released commercial tracks like Freak, Time Of My Life, Reflection, and Summer In The Morning along with a new track, High.

This collection of five tracks are Rob Lea’s first venture in finding his own voice and style after touring across Europe as part of the biggest Queen Tribute Band, Majesty. Releasing the EP, as he explains, was a cathartic liberation from self-doubt and fear. And it was also a step towards being taken seriously as a solo artist. 

The EP was released one song at a time, beginning with Reflections in early 2022. Opening the album is Freak, an energetic oddity that swamps us in Ron’s musical charisma. Dominated by hard rock, it has a rich blues subtext that reflects his initial vision for the track. Summer In the Morning brings a soul rock flavor, bright with luminous riffs and radiant acoustic pop. 

Time Of My Life adopts a piece of its predecessor’s fabric and builds it up with the vigor of life. Blooming with blues, the rock-pop style is reminiscent of The Smiths. High comes in with slow pulsing riffs, fuzzy and concentric. It marches alongside evocative vocals. Ending on a high note, Reflections is a vocally-driven, emotionally-hypnotic track. Its pensive soundscape is elevated by visceral vocals and affecting sentiment. 

Check out this YouTube Video where Rob Lea expounds on his creative process : 

The EP is available for streaming on YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify! 

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