With a musical motto to make people feel-good, singer-songwriter and artist Christopher Rokita makes inspirational music that is not limited to any genre, instrument or language. Distilling his experience and reflections through versatile musical filters, he is able to spread his optimism and hope with his sound. In his latest release, Cranial Euphoria, Rokita delivers a luminous soul rock track. 

Cranial Euphoria, according to the artist, is ‘A state of great happiness, well-being and excitement.’ And with upbeat melodies and engaging rhythm he leaves behind a glistening orb of harmony in our minds. Fuzzy riffs and bright textures rise like soothing valleys across the soundscape. They’re slowly layered with sentimental synths, blooming like clouds in the backdrop of the classic rock ranges. And the emphatic vocal performance is a vehicle for affirmations and encouraging wisdom that tie into the elation strategy of the song. 

The artist debuted in 2022 with his single, Breaking Out. Followed by tracks like Lessons of Life, All Together Now, and Path of Eternal Trials, he set the stage for his distinctive vision of uniting the world through emotion and elevating their consciousness. 

You can learn more about the artist and follow his work on his Official Website: https://www.rokitamusic.com 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Cranial Euphoria by Rokita here –