Roots Asylum is a Michigan based indie band, founded and performed by a group of friends. Blending elements of blues with classic rock riffs and their passion for Americana, the band has an energetic sound. The dancing tempo is formed by unrelenting beats, stringy grooves, and spilling vocals. In their latest single, Ride On, Roots Asylum deliver a poster track that fastidiously captures their style and sound profiles. Listeners of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Eagles, and Huey Lewis are sure to enjoy the upbeat and feel good arrangements of this band. 

Ride On is an instant mood upper. Its old-school craft and nostalgia comes through the swinging rhythm, strong bass lines, spraying riffs, and warm vocals. And the seamless unity of the styles makes for an enjoyable sonic continuum. 

Roots Asylum is ist and guitarist Jimmy Macaroni, electric guitarist Jeromy Timmer, vocalist Katy Velten, drummer A.A. Miller and bassist Carrick Craig. With each member bringing in their own influences and inspirations to the group, the band’s music is eclectically wound and cohesively delivered. 

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