Roxercat is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Known for their diverging styles, the band has a spectacular track record of wowing their audience. Littered with blues, rock n roll and funk, the Roxercat sound takes us right back to the golden age of rock. Be it the vintage profiles, the intense detailing or the will to play. This track, 2020 is taken from Pearls, Roxercat ‘s debut album. With varying styles and pallets, the band portrays the changing state of mind during the pandemic. 

With a run time of a little over six minutes, the track is a versatile exhibition. Opening with a soothing guitar melody, it does a full 360 with grunge based rock n roll. Crashing with cymbals and intricate guitar work, this second frame is tensely geared. 

A bass play and tapping beats segues into a blues-rock segment. The sultry vocals create a night bar atmosphere, with the layers of rock n roll swimming in its magic. Its chaotic brilliance perhaps points to an escalating madness before it ebbs into a lighter theme. Bright acoustics follow, an indie-rock arrangement taking us to high places of consciousness – acceptance, peace, healing, happiness, and creativity. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to 2020 from the Pearls album by Roxercat here –