Nashville-based rock band, Roxercat has just released their sophomore single, I Changed Today and it is the best thing ever. Fronted by singer/guitarist, Price Jones, alongside renowned jazz guitarist, Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis, you know you’re in for a legendary sound experience. And, that’s exactly what you get!

From the start to finish, the artist employs emotive riffs, beats, and rhythms that tell immersive stories. Tuning heartfelt riffs to a pop frequency, the rock melodies flourish within addictive hooks and transfixing solos. Add to this, the bold vocal sweeps and curves and we have ourselves a musical landscape that oscillates between smooth, cool textures and a mosaic of warm, molten patterns.

Tight guitar solos and riffs, intense and concentrated, dominate the track. Their brief monologues are powerful and unpack the majority of the theme. It begins the song, sets the tone for the vocals, and engages with the beats in such an enjoyable way. Can’t help but groove with the whimsical intensity of the song flowing through you like an immutable current.

The vocals arch with a unique richness. Its flighty flow is characterized by an exhilaration that is reflected by the whimsy of the guitar accents. Beautiful meaty basslines grip the song as the guitar extravagantly sets out on an emotional exploration in the bridge. The song is composed and mixed elegantly, boasting simple transitions between complex weaves.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

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