Tennessee-based rock band Roxercat has just dropped its six-track EP, Pearls. Its striking luminosity is characterized by its transformative musical themes and dreamy soundscapes. Laced with smooth blues and accentuated by country sensibilities, the EP is an astounding bundle of soul-rock that is not to be missed!

The EP opens with the title track, Pearls. And true to its name, it’s loaded with glistening tendrils of guitar melodies. Its resonant neutrality and soothing persona wash over like waves. Layered with soul harmonies, emphatic rhythm, and mesmerizing shreds, the buoyant vocals express a tender sentiment.

With flakes of rock and roll and fancy disco accents, the second track, Crime instantly revises the mood. It’s peppy and dynamic, with ricocheting beats and rogue riffs. Price’s iconic sultry confidence and charming vocals lead the song into caves of mild tandems. With frenzied shards of guitar melodies raining through, the theme is beautifully represented!

Baby I Tried doubles back to the slow-dancing soul aesthetic. The pronounced acoustics and tapping cymbals form a glowing halo around the heartfelt vocals. But most of the narrative is dictated by the wordless interludes of electric guitar melodies. Choral harmonies carry Price’s tearing vocals through the sea of acoustics.

I Will Not Lie gives us classic rock blues. Its voluminous riffs and recurring rhythm patterns imbibe the canvas with interesting textures. We see a prominent synth key expression that angles into Price’s vocals which are strongly redolent of Janis Joplin. Its gut-wrenching emotion humbles us with its vulnerability, honesty, and power. And finally, driving the song to its extravagant climax is a vibrant flaming electric guitar display that is simply out of this world.

I Changed Today is the penultimate song. Its light-hearted rhythm and upbeat dance groove is instantly enjoyable. Littered with unexpected hooks and surprising transitions, it’s bound to keep you on your toes throughout. The guitar solo at the bridge is blindingly bright, relentless in its mission to fascinate and beguile.

2020 concludes the album in true Roxercat style. With a bounty of erratic and mercurial bleeds, the song is a rock hall of fame. Its frames of folk, grunge, blues/funk-jazz rock, classic rock, and sunny acoustics are terrifically mixed and blended to form a rare sound. It’s truly impressive to see how the band seamlessly sweeps up multiple rhythm designs, sound profiles, and texture palettes to unify them magnificently!

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Price Jones, renowned jazz guitarist, Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis, the band has a revolutionary style and memorable sound.

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