Sheffield artist, Ruiz! puts us all in a hypnotic reverie with his new single, The Human Touch. This ruminative song strives to create a paradise where harmony reigns. The alt-rock artist knows how to string harmonies to make moving emotive anthems that sink their teeth into our souls. This single comes in light of all the reasons and excuses we come up with to sabotage or avoid harmony. He debuted in 2020 with his single, Morning, and has since released six singles (including this one, with four in 2022 alone) and an album!

The artist erects a mesmerizing maze of streaming melodies and vocals. As the illuminative melodies establish strong walls of rhythm, harmonies emerge from the vocals like a ghostly vapor, afflicted by the haunting tragedy of the song’s theme. It awakens the conscience, profoundly sensitizing us to the depraved world that we have created around us. Tipping on the edge of surrealism, we are set off on an entrancing road of illusion and disillusion.

The artist has been featured on the BBC Introducing Mix Tape by Tom Robinson in the UK and played on BBC6Music when he was a part of bands like The Only Fruit, A.F.ID., Sheffield Sound City, Bolster, The Better Ford CLinic, and even Jim Muir Slideshow. He is also the founder of The Clear, a three-piece trio that was signed to Universal Music in 2014.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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