Some tell stories through their music. Ryan Hamilton does the inverse, and it leads to something interesting. His peppy songs might be featured in every party list at some point in time. With an album release this year, he has returned with a catchy song. This one is called Bad Breaks. 

When you heard Haunted by the Holy Ghost, expectations were formed. You need to dispose of those chains of conformity. Ryan Hamilton doubles down on his stellar writing for another appealing number. Here, he is turning in effect to the structure of the song, a real which-a-whack-a beat. You don’t hear many of those any more, though it can be observed that they create great pockets for improvisation. The way the riff is executed also makes the lyrics that much clearer to listen to, and appreciate his songwriting. The chorus spins around, and you know that will be etched in your mind forever. Ryan Hamilton’s single is catchier than a Venus Fly trap, and that’s saying a lot. Compositionally, he has evolved his style to match his persona in ways. This is what is exciting to get absorbed into. 

We are a hell of a way away from his 2015 album Hell of a Day. As a musician, Ryan has always tried to focus on how music comes naturally, the tempo everyone keeps inside. His songs just simply tap into that space, and you’re on the dance floor before you know it. Listen to his single here with us and follow him for more definitive music: