Same Old Tale is a Post Grunge/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock & Metal band from Tel Aviv, Formed by Maor Shem Tov in 2013. The band is known for its immersive musicality blended with lyrics that touch the heart. This band will compel you to bang your head with the beats. I was amazed to discover such a fantastic band that packed all the energy on earth into their tracks. You should give this fantastic band a go and trust me you will not be disappointed. Their elite musical skills are clearly visible in each of their tracks which display complex structures.

I recently came across this band through their latest release which is an EP of 4 tracks that happens to be their first work to be published on Spotify. The EP has been named Tales Are Yet to Come and just as the name suggests is one of the most clever names to start a discography. There was one track in particular that caught my special attention and the track was named Look Down which is the first track on the EP and surely my personal favorite. The track is stuffed with some amazing vocals that are deep and perfectly complement the whole vibe of the track. The guitars are well executed and surely are something to mosh to! The drums are heavy and give perfect amounts of impact at the places required. This is surely a track to be explored if you like to listen to tracks that go heavy on drums and guitar.

Catch a little glimpse of Look Down by Same Old Tale here-