Santa Claws sees the festive season in a new light. The music from this band is a fusion of a lot of live music, especially classic rock, and the rich, storytelling ability of the art form. The latest single from the band is romance, with exquisite and rich lyrical detail. This is the latest single, She Turns.

It is the kind of song that you immediately associate with. Simple chord transitions and a brilliant opening drum fill later, the song develops like origami. Rather than take the traditional verse rhyming structure, tSanta Claws goes the extra mile. The story takes more precedence, and the tale told is one of love. The bridge transition and chorus are idiosyncratic elements that explore the depths of music making to a whole new degree. Chorus turns away from the standard chords to take a refreshing and mysterious take, like the lyrics would want to. Their EP from last year called Echoes sees quite a shift in this single, though this band likes to experiment and reach out to new tonal configurations.

You can hear their brilliant 2018 album Life is a Lie and create some very creative pockets in your mind. Santa Claws isn’t your standard animated caricature, there are many more realities connected in the fibres. Listen to their single here: