Schwerer Traum’s sound is concentric, built precisely with tight riffs and rich basslines. Its ruminative subtext is formed out of melancholy and freedom. And into this world, the band brings strange imagery that leads you into astounding pools of darkness. Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany, the band describes their style as “Groove Metal”, whose heavy riff breaks and catching rhythms brings a sense of profoundness to the listener. Schwerer Traum has just released their third album (Schwerer Traum III) after a decade long hiatus. And taken from this album is, In My Dreams; a track that represents the evolved style of Schwerer Traum.

The textural landscape of the track is myriad. Opening with thick glass riffs, it is sequentially underlined with smooth melodies and fuzzy bass lines. And right at the one minute mark, concentric fusions of the textures develop. Warm baritones flesh out the sound, reinforcing the emotion. The heat is cultivated progressively, enlisting soft metal elements into the hard rock soundscape. Listeners of Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus are sure to enjoy the layered richness of this band.

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