Nothing rocks like live music, and that alone can send shivers down your spine. Second Adam & the New Creations bring their explosive Christian rock right to our door. Their lyrics are brimming with positivity, there is a 70s rock throwback with the kind of sound they produce. Forever active, they’ve released their latest single called Kiss the Son. Let’s see why they should be on your playlist.

If you think they are going the soft, indie rock way, think again. These guys turn the distortion up, bring the rhythm section to the floor and captivate hearts with their music. Like all rock of this genre, it sends a message of unity and joy. The alt-rock elements are aplenty as well, the chorus becoming a hard rock, pummelling moment. They sure do know how to bring the catchiest, fun elements in, without compromising the quality of the song. The vocals are soft, melodic, yet can change the dynamic for the dramatic chorus. The breakdown is a trip to itself, the melody unwrapping itself with all the vigour, light and energy shining. Towards the outro, you hear some amazing vocal range, and the kind of surprise that is reserved for great, live performances. We fade to black from there.

Some of their other solid performances include Let Sinners Fly, Pilgrim’s Progress, among others. They are featured on virtually every indie Christian rock/alt-rock playlist in Spotify. The quality of the music cannot be questioned, these guys are the real deal. Listen to their single here: