Magnetic and engaging in the best way, Out of Town by Shady Oaks is an easy choice to escape into if you’re feeling weighed down by the world. Its rich canvas boasts an easy fix for a bad day with its foot tapping and head bobbing beats. A touch of psychedelia and a lick of refreshing darkness, its makes for a great listen.

Incredible peppy, the rhythm will have you bobbing instantaneously. The beats are addictive and the basslines shine with whimsy that is out of the world. Dark hooks and intense textures make it easy for us to tunnel through to the core. Meaty riffs swallow the soundscape and munch on them monstrously.

Contrastingly the husky vocal lead is mellow and light. It is feather-light as it flits from one riff peak to another. The aggression hits in the chorus as female vocals rage with rebellion and blatant defiance. Ostracizing and speckled with anarchy, even the melodies are dictated by the insurrection in the vocals. Blinding flashes of intense electric guitar tangents ascend and descend throughout the soundscape.

There are periodic dips in the energy levels, simmering and mellow, as the soundscape lingers waiting for the cue to rise like a tsunami. Blending textures of hard rock, grunge, punk, and acid rock, the band has outdone itself in terms of composition, delivery, and everything within. What’s impressive though is the number of details, small and big that hold the song together. A fresh leaf of melody or perspective reveals itself with every listen. It’s like magic!

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