Shannon Darcy flourishes with style and musical charisma with her debut release, Snakes and Ladders. Hailing from Essex, the singer-songwriter and rock artist has a remarkable musical command. She designs the soundscape with piercing structures and powers it with gritty riffs and emo melodies.

Her alt-rock sound is an engaging combination of both classic and contemporary rock elements. The melodic punk is fleshed out by the dark shadows of 90s emo-pop. With bolstering garments of grunge, the song gains a fiery personality that further gratifies the listening experience. 

The artist showcases her versatility with this release. She has a strong grasp of the thresholds of the genre and knows how to make it work in her favor; in pursuance of her artistic vision. Tilting over to the dark side, the gradual dissolution of full lines of melodies to gripping riffs is the sign of great musical direction. 

Its spirit swells within us, orchestrated by the masterful use of harmonies, energy builds, bass, and beats. It’s impossible to stay unaffected by the mounting passion of the song. Swirling with a cataclysmic atmosphere, the song’s ominous melancholy is executed with grace and a keen eye for detail. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Snakes and Ladders by Shannon Darcy here –