The Rocky Poppy Bluesy Reggae three piece sonic wonder, Sig and the Fire Pilots are back with their sophomore single, ALMOST OUT OF TIME. Their canvases are refreshing with retro soul influences, teeming with nostalgic rock formations and enjoyable rhythms. They first debuted their style in March of this year (2023) with CLICK BAIT which instantly put them on the map with high stream numbers. The band’s sound is straightforward and simple with a twist. It is an instant mood changer as classic pop arrangements are infiltrated with Reggae’s heavily accented 4/4 time signature and blues rock melodies.

The track is a melodic rhetoric about the expiry date of our planet, explored alongside themes like human greed, consumption patterns, and irresponsible living habits. Sig’s passionate vocals flood the pulsing atmosphere of beats and grooves with blues. Laced with melancholy, the message is delivered with a resigned finality that is gathers in the listener.

Sig and the Fire Pilots are composed of Dave Clark on bass and backing vocals, Dougie McGrath on drums and vocals, and of course, the leading man, Sig on lead guitar and vocals.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Almost Out of Time by Sig and the Fire Pilots here –