Nottingham-based alt-rock band, Sleep In Motion have a mesmerizing sound that true to its name, puts the listeners in wonderful reveries. Their fresh sound and emotive style reinvent the alternative rock/grunge genre in ways that brighten the spirit. And in their new release, All That You Are, Sleep In Motion creates a profound sound that moves through us with great love and devotion.

The outpouring gentleness and irrepressible tenderness of the track soften the edges of reality. With glimmering acoustics and heartfelt vocals, it is as if the soundscape is made up of dreams. Valleys of melodies rise and fall against gossamer skies of intricate emotion. The generous infusions of folk formats and accents string together an overpowering soul-rock genre. Seamlessly blurred into each other, the melodies and aching vocals draw us into a soothing and slumberous daze.

The band debuted in early 2022 with their EP, recreated that peaked at the No. 5 spot on the iTunes Alternative Chart. With Ryan Brooks on vocals and guitar, Lewis Brade on the bass, and Alex Smith on drums and percussion, the three-piece band is all set to release their LP in January 2023.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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