Slightest Clue is a dark alt-rock band based in Vancouver. This four-piece outfit is built for versatility, with each member bringing their distinct and individualistic passions and affinities to it. As described by the band, it comprises a stage actor whose playlists go from Talking Heads to Sonic Youth to Björk, a hook-obsessed recovering choir girl, an electrical engineer whose personal idol is John Bonham, and a guitarist who played for (and left) ten other bands before deciding this was the one for him. The same serendipity that brought them together has brought them to you. In their single, Just Fine, Slightest Clue they flesh out darkness using melancholia. 

The track’s smooth elevations and streaming rhythm set off a nostalgic bomb in us. With surging drums and luminous riffs setting the stage, the insouciant vocals float across the soundscape with a feather-like whimsy, redolent of Björk. Enchanting harmonies round up the rock elements with a dreamy sentiment; setting us into a wakeful slumber. 

Slightest Clue is Malcolm McLaren, Hannah Kruse, Sean Ries, and Nick Sciarretta. They debuted in 2021 and have released six singles, each one a world of its own. Their latest single, BREATHE SLOW LIVE OFF THE FLOOR is out on all streaming platforms. Check it out! 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Just Fine by Slightest Clue here –