The experience of listening to Sloppy Joe’s is phenomenal. Their visceral style and sonic engagement is impossible to shake off. It climbs on your back and spreads into you. Based in German, the classic rock trio ride into eternity, mounted on stallions of strength and power. In their single, Get In The Ring, Sloppy Joe’s navigate the glory of boxing with all the grit and danger that they can muster.

The track torrentially rains with sharp shards of riffs. It tears through the growling vocals, scratching its fabric to form an intense distortion. Tight and tense basslines set the stage for the fight with its pressure pressing down on the scene.
Excitable nerves explode with the heavy set drums. This rock machination grooves with sinister and disdain, corrupted by fame.

With Jesse Garon on guitar and vocals, Johnny Angel on the bass, and Pätzy Dävey on the drums, the band put on a dynamic show with menacing riffs, blooming basslines, and hard-hitting drums. Drawing from the likes of KISS, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Sloppy Joe’s craft a swirling dark rock abyss, edging with mystery. The band deputed with their self-titled EP in 2013 and has since performed over 150 live concerts across Europe!

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