Started by four friends in Gdansk, Poland in May 2020, Snakedoctors have a voraciously progressive sound. With versatile blends, this alternative rock band is all about creating high-impact, visceral, and sensational pieces of sound. And the people love it! Their singles, Close That Door and Got Him Another Girl peaked on Poland Radio Charts, with the former holding the number one position for over 30 weeks. In this new single, Destroyed by Snakedoctors, featuring famed drummer and percussionist, Nik Hughes, we see a wide variety of rock ranging from grunge rock, metal, acid rock, classic rock, stone rock, and then some.

Starting off with a mellow classic rock thread, the track is pulled into a dystopian world of hardcore sonics blaring in the backdrop. With an impressive destructive flair, the growling vocals tear through the cataclysmic rapture of the soundscape. And accentuated by hard-hitting beats, and a wealth of fuzzy riffs, the track takes on a beast formation, towering with a volcanic fervor.

Since the release of their debut single, Life’s No Prison, the band has released over 20 singles, and four albums, each with its own unique love language, composed to pay an ode to the rock genre. Their penchant for experimentation emerges out of each release, showcasing always, a new creative endeavor. So make sure to check out their rock museum.

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