snakesnakewhale. is an indie rock band making strides in the emo, young adult arena with their songs about mortality, youth, and existentialism. Their music is marked by 90s angst with grunge punk manifesting in pop frames. If Linkin Park and Beastie Boys were overlaid by Avril Levine and Panic At The Disco, fringed with Nirvana and Green Day, the result would be snakesnakewhale. Staying true to their banner, there’s a darkness but also a buoyancy and exhilarating release stored away in every composition.

iTunes Artwork for 'Castle, Pa - Single (by snakesnakewhale.)'

‘Castle, PA’ is the band’s latest single. It is soulful and ardent, dissolving in a vocal roar and desperate riffs trajectory. Between textured, high intensity choruses, the verses are potent with tortured youth; growing pains extrapolated. Out of slow and heaving vocal lines, you uncover a nostalgia for simpler times. Leveraging a remarkable emo sound, they make the track sound so extravagantly rebellious. The soundscape bends with these outlying instincts. It is intense and elaborate.

snakesnakewhale. debuted in 2022 and has since released five singles, each one fiercely unique in technique, execution, and concept. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Castle, PA’ by snakesnakewhale. here –

Writer : Vindhya