Fatal Err0r by snow dior is the 9th song released by the artist this year and features Perllune. snow dior is a singer/rapper, song-writer with several releases over this past year. Fatal Err0r explores the artist’s dream of resplendent material wealth such as luxury clothes, first class travel and an upper class life. With gliding vocals, upbeat rhythms and high energy beats, Fatal Err0r oozes a magnetic appeal. 

The song begins with a charismatic guitar bass intro, followed by a grounding synth detail that floods the song with softness. With quick progressive drum beats setting the tempo for the song, the singer takes off into the first verse. The lilting pop-rap flows gracefully and effortlessly through the music and is an easy indicator of the artist’s skill and talent. The cadence and texture of the artist’s voice emulsifies with the textural canvass of the song. 

With sassy lyrics and immutable style, the verses glide off the artist’s tongue and charmingly cruises through the mind. The musical landscape sweeps the pop-rap and surges through the song vibrantly. Percussion punctuation like stick clicks and subtle drum licks are used as a means to beautifully set the song sections apart. The bridge sports an amplified musical terrain with booming beats and pounding music that peaks as it reaches the outro. 

Fatal Err0r  by snow dior is an instant mood changer with its energetic tempo, glamorous lyrics and alluring vocals. It’s a must listen for everybody. 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music. 

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