Sometimes Julie is an eclectic alt rock band hailing from San Diego. They have a raw and visceral way of playing and presenting themes that gives new life to the genre. Boldly embarking on styles from rock, pop, country, and blues, their soundscapes are cast with a range of influences from bands like The Rolling Stones and Blondie to U2 and Gwen Stefani. The band have just released their fifth studio album, titled ‘Seven Wishes’. It is a collection of versatile compositions that liberates rock from its traditional structures.

Taken from this album is ‘Wish on the Wild Side’. With a little bit of everything, it makes for the perfect break-out track. The grinding machination of garage rock riffs and beats fills up with Monica’s cool and powerful vocals. The variations that her voice holds simultaneously not only prove her vocal ability but reveal a sophisticated artistic vision in play. Manipulating energy and emotion, she glides from power-pop to soul-rock frequencies, all the while nurturing an undertone of blues, country, and rock n roll.

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And Rick has no problem keeping up with her. Rather, with spirited plays, he builds the instrumentation to interact and nurture her vocal quotients. Switching between hard riffs to country lines, he brings a strong sense of cohesion to the composition.

Sometimes Julie was founded by singer-songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker. It is the story of how a powerful vocalist with a knack for good storytelling and songwriting met an ardent rock fanatic who not only knew everything about the genre but had big ambitions of elevating it. And together, they do just that.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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