An ocean of sound swells and subsides. In the middle, stand Songs for Sabotage. Like a conductor for an orchestra, they control the waves, the swells and sounds that ensue. This is their latest single, Shadow. It is a corollary of the kind of changes and dynamic experiments they do with their unique sound.

With a punchy rhythm track, the vocals seem to be floating on a magic carpet over. It has the rush and energy of a party song, yet is much deeper and consequential in terms of lyrics. It brings the house together, in thought and vibe. Most importantly, on principle, Lina Sophie and Richey Rose bring their love for various genres together. They meld this creative flow that sounds unlike anything, creating a spearhead for the kind of movement that inspires. It is a step in a direction not usually taken. Shadow creates an image inspired by many of these posters, of an effect and feel that has to be felt. The fantastic production and mix also allows the sound to be appreciated to its highest level.

If you want to get a sense of the flow and rhythm that they have concretized with their work, look no further than their single Phantom & surreal album Night of Joy. They have pushed the envelope constantly, and are always improving, improvising the kind of songs they’ll put out. Listen to their new creative sphere with Songs for Sabotage and their latest single: